Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Birth name : Cho Kyu Hyun

Also known as : Guixian (圭賢/圭贤)

West name : Marcus Cho

Nickname : Choding,Magnae On Top,Micky’s Best Fan,Lord Kyu,Sulky Kyu,Excellent Plastic Surgery Result, Kyu,Porn Kyu,Fit-In Kyu,Chic Kyu,Alien,Jesus Kyu,Dorm Kyu,Sexy Kyu,Baby Kyu,Shy Kyu,ELF Kyu,Green Kyu,Terror Kyu,Rotten Smile Kyu,Guinness Kyu,Voice Kyu,Dark Kyu,Model Kyu,Miracle Kyu,Doll Kyu,S Line Kyu,Basic Instinct Kyu,Game Kyu

Ideal Girl : Pretty,Christian,Kim Taehee-like girl.

Religion : Christian

Born : February 3, 1988 (age 21)

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 68 kg

Blood Type : A

Casting : Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place

First Appearance: “New Single Jacket Photoshoot” (news on television)

Trivia Fact : He was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary. He was discovered at a Chin Chin Singing Competition and featured in the video of a remake of TVXQ’s song “Hi Ya Ya” with other Chin Chin idols. He is currently a Modern Music major at Kyunghee University.

Origin : Seoul, South Korea

Genre : Pop, dance, R&B

Occupation : Singer, dancer

Instrument : Singing, piano, clarinet

Voice type : Bass

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